Stracta Hotel is a home away from home, where warm and welcoming rooms await our guests, and saunas and hot tubs to relax and take in the views. The hotel has several options to nourish the body and spirit. There is a beautiful restaurant which serves a fusion of traditional Icelandic and international cuisine and a bistro bar with an emphasis on healthy living.


Standard room

The standard double, twin or single rooms are designed in a typical Nordic style, with hardwood parquet floors, neutral and natural colours.

18 m2 / 194 sq.Ft.
1-2 persons


The superior rooms at Stracta Hotel are more spacious than the standard options. The rooms are ideal for couples, travelling friends or singles.

The rooms are suitable for people in a wheelchair. The rooms come with bathrobes.

22 m2 / 238 sq.Ft.
1-2 persons


The studio is an open space room equipped with a small kitchenette suitable for basic self-catering and one master bedroom and a sofa, which can also serve as a bed. Perfect for two or three adults or two adults and two children.

24 m2 / 258 sq.Ft.
1-4 persons

Two Bedroom Apartments

The two-bedroom apartments are simply perfect for families. There is one master bedroom and one smaller room in each of these delightful apartments, as well as a kitchenette for basic self-catering, sitting area and a private hot tub.

45 m2 / 484 sq.Ft.
1-6 persons

Deluxe suite

For the ultimate luxury, you are welcome to stay in our deluxe suite. There are two suites at the hotel, which are spacious, open, modern and each has a private hot tub.

60 m2 / 646 sq.Ft.
1-4 persons