Veðramót by Hrafnhildur Inga Sigurðardóttir

As of the 21st of February 2020, Stracta Hotel is proud to be the temporary home to art by local artist Hrafnhildur Inga Sigurðardóttir, as we host her Veðramót exhibit. Her paintings are currently on display in the hotel's 'Milkyway' Northern Lights viewing hall until mid-June and everyone is more than welcome to enjoy these spectacular paintings which are inspired by Icelandic nature.
All the art pieces are for sale.
Art Exhibit Vedramot Hotel Stracta
"The ocean has a unique magnetism to it, it's both intimidating and awe inspiring," says Hrafnhildur Inga about the subject of her paintings. They often depict sea- and skyscapes, as seen from the coast of Iceland, where sky, ocean and earth collide in an explosive manner.
Hrafnhildur's work typically depicts scenes from her own home in Fljótshlíð, where the southern coast of Iceland can be seen right from her living room window. The cloud formations often between Eyjafjallajökull and Þórsmörk are often cryptic and mysterious.
Hrafnhildur Inga does not use photography in her work; the image of the weather formations comes from her own mind. "I usually don't know what I'm going to do when I stand in front of a brand new canvas. I don't do sketches and I usually don't have a specific picture in mind. I just start somewhere with whatever color comes to me, but I usually begin in the upper right corner", says Hrafnhildur.
A lot of people think that the weather has nothing to do with a landscape. Hrafnhildur Inga doesn't think that viewpoint is entirely fair. The sky and the sea influence how the landscape forms and affect what it looks like at any given time. Perhaps the weather is what holds the creative power of nature in it's purest form. It's the weather that makes the landscape what it is.
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